Japanese Air Date: 10-15-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Makoto Aoki, Zoanoroid Punk
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto & Enzan)

It is said that Copyroids are Navis with the ability to move about in the real world. However, a successful Copyroid has never been completed. Makoto, a researcher on Copyroids, receives a mysterious encrypted program from a stranger. Makoto asks Meijin, who is an old friend, for assistance in decrypting the program. Upon Makoto's visit, everyone is curious about her relationship to Meijin. Netto and the others are stunned when she introduces herself as his ex-girlfriend!

After a long period of time, Meijin figures out the puzzle of the program. Makoto departs in a hurry with the completed code, and installs it into her Copyroid immediatly. However, Zoanoroid Punk deceives Makoto by entering the Copyroid, and materializing in the real world! Using the hijacked vessal, Punk orders Makoto to produce many more Copyroids.

Netto and Enzan become informed of Punk's arrival after he attacked the city the night he appeared. A video camera spotted Makoto with him, leading the Net Saviors to her research center. However, Punk's plan is near completion, and he decides he no longer needs Makoto. Before he can destroy her, Meijin comes to her rescue! Afterwards, Cross Fusion Enzan and Netto defeat Punk.

The Copyroid in which Punk had stolen becomes damaged beyond repair in the battle. However, a truck full of completed Copyroids escapes the laboratory! What is the true meaning behind them?

Ryouko's Note: Punk is certaintly a surprise. O_o For those unfamiliar to the game version, Punk is a navi that originally belonged to Meijin.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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