The Foghorn that Calls the Phantom

Japanese Air Date: 10-22-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Zoanoroid Flameman
Style Change: none

Netto and the others are surprised to find that the baby navi, now named Trill, has grown immensely over one night! As usual Trill is still extremely infactuated with Rockman. About that time, news of a phantom ship appearing frequently at a certain cape was spreading. Netto and his friends decide to investigate the situation.

Rockman is very fearful of ghosts, but Trill seems to have a keen interest in them. In Trill's presence, Rockman can't help but boast that he is "unafraid of things like ghosts". However, the situation is very stressful for him, especially when the pipsqueak keeps trying to scare him on purpose!

Ultimately it is Zoanoroid Flameman who is influencing the ghost ship incident. He's using the firepower on the battleship to destroy Copyroids that are being held on an island! It would seem that Greiga is not interested in letting Falzer gain control of the Copyroids. Rockman and Roll must battle Flameman in the cyberworld, while also protecting Trill who decided to tag along. Rockman will prove once and for all he is not afraid in front of his admirer!

Ryouko's Note: Flameman. :O Sugoi! He shall be interesting to see animated. He looked frightfully scary in the manga version. It should be noted that Meijin starts wearing a new outfit in this episode, which is awfully ugly in my opinion. XP

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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