Rampaging Display

Japanese Air Date: 10-29-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: n/a

Yaito has graduated from her studies in Kingland, and has decided to return back to Akihara! Netto and her friends welcome her back warmly, especially since she gives them all strawberry parfeits at school. Yaito invites them to a special development room of her company, in order to introduce them to the enormous screen equipment being prototyped by Gabgom, simply called "Display".

Everyone is astonished at the lifelike holograms the Display can produce. They can even be touched by both humans and navis! Trill is overexcited to learn about the new animals it shows, as he asks Rockman about everything he sees.

However, when the incomplete equipment goes haywire, Netto and his friends must plug in their navis to stop it. Trill runs ahead of them through danger, causing a panic of a situation. By much surprise, Blues and Enzan arrive to pull them out of a pinch, but the program's core has gone too far out of control!

A crack has opened from the world of Beyondard, letting ancient beast viruses into Netto's world. Stunningly, the problem is only resolved when Trill trips and falls, and begins to cry. His wails seal the crack, and weaken the program enough to where Rockman can finally shut it down.

Ryouko's Note: Yay, it's the official return of Yaito. With Yaito, it also means Glyde! How I do so love Glyde. Yes I do.

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