Capture Rockman!

Japanese Air Date: 11-12-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Iris' Navi
Style Change: Beast Out Greiga & Falzer

Beast Out Greiga Rockman continues his rampage upon Internet City, absolutely destroying everything in his wake. Netto's desperate calls to Rockman go unheard, and he and his companions are horrified.

Roll and Glyde try to hault the beastized Rockman with a paralysis attack, but it fails, and Rockman dives into the inner depths of the cyberworld where his location become unknown. Still in Ameroupe, Enzan has fallen unconcious after the mysterious girl pinched him on the neck to knock him out. In the military cyberworld, Blues comes upon a gateway into Beyondard.

The mysterious girl confronts Netto after escaping from Ameroupe, and asks him about Trill's relationship to Rockman. Netto tells her Trill looks up to Rockman like an older brother, which doesn't seem to satisfy her. Before he can ask any questions himself, she dissappears.

Roll, Glyde, Gutsman and Tomahawkman lure Greiga Rockman to the net stadium, where they finally trap him in a 'zero area' of the internet. However, the seclusion only triggers Beast Out Falzer instead! Rockman breaks free and begins to fight again, but a mysterious light envelopes him and seperates Trill from Rockman, cancelling out the transformation. Trill is then whisked away to an unknown location, despite Netto's protests and cries.

The navi of the mysterious girl takes Trill to the gateway of Beyondard, pleading for him to go back home with her. However, Trill refuses, wanting to stay by Rockman's side. Just then, Zoan Pharoahman attacks by surprise, but is thankfully stopped by Blues who has returned. As Blues demands to know what the girl navi wants with Trill, the gateway to Beyondard closes! The girl navi then lets Trill free, and the little navi is returned back to Netto safe and sound.

Ryouko's Note: This sounds like a really interesting and angsty episode. Crazy Rockman is always fun!

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