Green-Eyed Transfer Student

Japanese Air Date: 11-19-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Zoanoroid Numberman
Style Change: n/a

Rockman is currently under repair at the Science Labs, recovering from the long influence of the Beast Out transformations. The mysterious girl from before transfers into Netto's class, and introduces herself as Iris. Immediately she becomes a popular person with the boys. When Netto suddenly finds himself alone with her on the school roof, she once again asks about Trill and Rockman, which puzzles him.

Higure is having another love struck spell over Mariko-sensei, so he goes off to train his body and soul. With nothing to do, Numberman wanders internet city, where he encounters a navi with the same striking image of himself. The identical Numberman from Beyondard captures his "twin", and goes in his place to check on Rockman's condition along with the rest of Numberman's friends. The navis of Beyondard are curious about Rockman and the secret Beast power he holds.

As they arrive in the Science Labs to see Rockman, the real Numberman shows up and demands a battle with his imposter! The two begin to fight, but there is still no way for Rockman's friends to tell who is the real Numberman. Meiru suddenly tells Roll to attack them both, having thought up a plan to bring out the truth. Roll's friends join the attack, and soon enough the Numberman from Beyondard undergoes a beast transformation!

During all of the commotion, Rockman finally re-awakens. Everyone suddenly stops what they're doing when Trill runs towards Rockman, and they become terrorfied that Rockman will Beast Out again. However, the little navi only happily jumps into Rockman's arms, and nothing happens. Seeing his chance, the Numberman from Beyondard escapes. He informs his master Greiga that Rockman needs the little navi Trill in order to gain the impressive powers of Beast Out.

Higure returns from his training, but is still unsuccessful with Mariko-sensei. At the next day of school, Iris stands outside the door to the classroom, then slowly walks away and leaves mysteriously.

Ryouko's Note: Looks like we'll finally be getting to know the girl from the opening sequence. Here's to hoping she'll lead to more information about the mysterious return of Colonel.

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