Icy Heart

Japanese Air Date: 11-26-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Zoanoroid Freezeman, Zoanoroid Stoneman, Yetiman, Sherbetman
Style Change: n/a

Zoanoroid Freezeman is diligently being hunted by the army of Greiga, as he attempts to complete a special communication device for Falzer. Just when he is almost successful, Greiga's subjects finally corner him and attack.

He barely escapes and is seriously injured, so Zoan Freezeman goes into hiding. By chance, Iceman finds him inside the "secret base" that he shares with Aquaman and Bubbleman in Internet City. Although Freezeman tries to drive him away, the worried Iceman looks after his injuries nonetheless.

About that same time, within the cyber world, a consecutive series of attacks against ice type Navis is being carried out by someone. Netto and Rockman begin an investigation, and guess that a Zoanoroid must be involved in the incident. Also, word comes in that Iceman's whereabouts have become unknown.

In fact, Iceman has decided to find the last missing piece for Zoan Freezeman's device. He returns to the secret base as soon as he retreives it, only to find Zoan Freezeman under attack by the current leading navi of Greiga, Zoan Stoneman! The little navi tries to protect his new friend, but they both are quickly overwhelmed.

Netto and Rockman arrive just in time to save Iceman and Zoan Freezeman, and they continue the battle against Zoan Stoneman. Zoan Freezeman completes his device, and the communicator pinpoints the base of Greiga. Soon enough a transmission comes through to Stoneman, Greiga's base is under attack! Infuriated, Zoan Stoneman attacks Zoan Freezeman directly once again. During the fight, Freezeman receives a fatal wound when he tries to protect Iceman from harm. As soon as Zoan Stoneman is deleted by Rockman, Zoan Freezeman collapses.

When all is peaceful again, Zoan Freezeman kindly gives Iceman a precious ice crystal made by his own hands. Iceman tearfully accepts it as Zoan Freezeman is then deleted from the wound he received. Returning to his secret base much later, Iceman leaves the crystal with their hidden treasure, forever remembering his lost friend.

Ryouko's Note: Freezeman is yet another surprise. I guess we're not quite over using older navis from the original series quite yet.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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