The Hole Digging Rascals Have Come!

Japanese Air Date: 7-1-06
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: n/a

The IPC Building suddenly slants over, and Horisugi Dotarou and Mr. Press from Beyondard appear. Without realizing they've come to this world, the two who exert themselves in excavation are in great trouble.

In the cyberworld, Groundman and Dustman dig up holes repeatedly, and Netto, who receives request from the net police, plugs Rockman in, who fights Groundman. Meiru comes there as well and the two men's true character is revealed, but...

Ryouko's Note: Oh hey, now we know Dotarou's full name. o_o;

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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