Concrete Jungle

Japanese Air Date: 12-11-04
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: n/a

In Hamari, Netto finds a mutual understanding with Meijin's obsession with collectible animal toys, and they both exchange each others' collections. Meanwhile, to cause fear and panic in the world, Inukai of Neo WWW uses Beastman in a plan to convert vehicles into savage animals!

All of the transformed vehicles go on a rampage throughout the city! Netto and Meijin quickly find themselves fleeing for their lives. Rockman tracks after Beastman, but when he goes into battle he finds himself surrounded by Videoman, Desertman and Flashman all at the same time.

Just when things look their worst, Colonel reappears by surprise! Using his own special army, Colonel fights alongside Rockman and helps him defeat the Asteroid navis. After the battle, Colonel gives Rockman his respects and an offer of friendship. Just who is this mysterious navi?

Ryouko's Note: This episode marks the second appearance by Colonel. He's such a cool guy. :3

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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