Japanese Air Date: 12-25-04
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Jasmine, Medi
Style Change: Blues Soul, Aqua Soul, Fire Soul

A young girl named Jasmine, and her net navi Medi, arrive from the country of Choina. In order to become a pharmacist, she is under the practice of her instructor Cardamom. It is said she came to Japan by order of her instructor to find a certain medicinal herb, called the "Mizuiro Tanpopo" ("Light Blue Dandelion"). Jasmine meets up with Netto by chance, and he agrees to help her find the special flower.

Unfortunately their search does not go very well, it seems that it is a very rare flower. Rockman pipes up that it is also called the "Maboroshi Hana" ("Mystical Flower"). Meanwhile, Bengel, the president of a medicine manufacturing company, has come to follow Jasmine to try to obtain the secrets used by Cardamom.

When Jasmine is kidnapped, Netto must track her down and sneak into the medicine manufacturing company's research lab to save her. Meanwhile, her captives threaten that if she does not reveal his master's secrets, they will delete Medi without mercy. Will Jasmine's dream of becoming a pharmicist all be for naught?

Ryouko's Note: It's nice to see another female operator / navi pair. As a side note, Choina is not a typo, it really is spelled that way. :P

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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