The Explosion that Brings Happiness

Japanese Air Date: 2-12-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Asteroid Napalmman, Rokushakudama Nenji, Nenjiro, Domon Katsuki
Style Change: n/a

Originally Napalmman was the Navi of a criminal who perpetrated a boming incident, Domon Katsuki. However, he gets damaged from battling with Rockman and got lost in the cyberworld. Asteroid Napalmman ends up in the empty PET of the fireworks craftsman, Rokushakudama Nenji, who's previous navi was recentely deleted by an accident.

Napalmman does not talk, and so Nenji names him Nenjiro (Son of Nenji). He frantically nurses him back to health, much to Napalmman's surprise. Although Netto and Rockman come to Nenji's place in search of the missing Napalmman, Nenji claims there is no such cruel Navi there and sends Netto away.

Slowly Nenji and Napalmman begin to share a bond of trust, changing the asteroid navi's view on the world. However his previous owner Domon is not quite ready to let his navi have a change of heart. Can Nenji be strong enough to pull him through this crisis in one piece?

Ryouko's Note: It's very surprising the see Napalmman portrayed as a good character, especially after his cruel nature seen in the original EXE series. I absolutely LOVE the way Nenji and Napalmman get along. XD

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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