Earth Erasure

Japanese Air Date: 10-9-04
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Slur, Duo
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto & Enzan), Blues Soul

It is said that Duo, who comes from a distant side of space disguised as a comet, approaches Earth with the purpose of an "Earth Erasure." When Forte realizes that this would also mean the destruction of the cyberworld, he begins to seek out more power to defeat Duo himself. It becomes his goal to steal away the Ultimate Programs of Rockman and Blues to gain that strength.

Netto and Enzan try to send Rockman and Blues to the comet, but at the same exact time more of the giant viruses begin attacking all over the world. Furthermore, Forte intervenes and sends himself to the comet by force!

Forte meets up with Duo's subordinate Slur before he can reach the comet, and is defeated in a battle. Netto and Enzan use Cross Fusion to defend the Earth against the giant viruses, but they suddenly find themselves in space! Duo appears before them and shows them a vision of their world being destroyed.

Duo becomes interested by the Earth's ability of "Cross Fusion", where a human and navi can merge into one. Demanding the chance to prove that not all humans and navis are evil, Netto is marked with the "Crest of Duo" to try and save mankind from ultimate destruction. A new journey begins!

Ryouko's Note: Forte-sama....;_; This is the last we get to see of this cloaked navi for quite some time. BUT, we do get to see him use a whole slew of attacks. :D Except the GS stuff, of course.

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