Narcy's Retirement

Japanese Air Date: 3-19-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto)

Yaito produces Navi dress-up chips for a design contest that she is holding. Somehow, Narcy Hide shines in the grand prix with a pink bunny. Narcy professes he has washed his hands of evil deeds and has taken on a life of art after resigning from Neo WWW. Even Rockman and Roll partake in dressing up - in wedding garments! Roll blushes like a new bride, but Rockman only seems to be confused, much to her dismay.

However, when Narcy goes to the award ceremony, it appears the contest qualification was restricted to only children, and he's driven out of the contest! The resentful Narcy uses Videoman to attach rabbit ears to Gabgom's game characters, much to the horror of their creators.

Yaito askes Netto and Rockman to handle the situation, but Videoman retaliates by making dozens of clones of Cross Fusioned Rockman! Thankfully the small army isn't as tough as it looks, and a little bit of water soaks Videoman into uselessness. Narcy pleads Tesla's forgiveness upon his return to the Neo WWW, but it appears she didn't even notice he was gone. Ah, the woe. Poor Narcy!

Ryouko's Note: I've given up on trying to make any kind of sense out of Narcy's episodes.

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