Icy Asteroid Castle

Japanese Air Date: 4-2-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Laika)

The nations of Sharo and Creamland work together to create a Cross Fusion Research Institute. Princess Pride inspects the land where the facility is being constructed, and meets with Laika there. It is said that with the new Institute, it will be much easier for them to use Cross Fusion anywhere in the world.

Of course, the Asteroid navis do not like this idea. So, Asteroid Airman is dispatched to destroy it completely. When the invasion begins, Princess Pride joins up with Laika to put a stop to it. However, they are soon overwhelmed and forced to flee, taking with them the core power source of the dimensional generator.

Pride and Laika are reported missing, and Netto is dispatched to go find them. Meanwhile, the two take refuge in a castle once visited by Princess Pride when she was young. Once inside, they find an old commander who is the operator of Airman! Princess Pride knows him from her past, but he passes away from injuries rather soon after they find him. Airman soon finds where they are hiding, and Laika is forced to use Cross Fusion and fight back.

Princess Pride uses her navi Knightman to destroy an army of copy Airmans which reside in the castle's cyberworld. Meanwhile, Laika wins his battle against the powerful Asteroid Airman in the real world. After the event, Netto finds the two of them safe and sound. Laika becomes surprised when Princess Pride is then marked by the Crest of Duo.

Ryouko's Note: Laika and Princess Pride. O.o I can already imagine the fanfic pairing beginning....*twitch* As Heat Man mentioned to me, Freezeman would make a lot more sense than Airman, of all people. Can't figure that one out.

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