Pink Punch Meiru

Japanese Air Date: 4-16-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto & Meiru)

Netto gets tired from handling all of the Asteroid incidents that have been occuring recently. Dekao decides that he would like to help Netto out, so he visits Yuuichirou at the Science Labs with the wish that he and Gutsman can be made to Cross Fuse. However, Yuuichirou only tricks him into buying merchandise from the Science Labs store, then leaves him outside the building!

Meijin, who happened to be passing by, invites Dekao and Meiru to his own laboratory and offers to have Dekao try Cross Fusing using his own research. He incorperates Rush into transforming into a special synchro chip, much like how Shademan used him to materialize into the real world in the past.

During the experiment, Asteroid navi Videoman and his operator Narcy invade Dinasour Land! Netto, Dekao and Meiru go to investigate together. When they face the navi in the real world, Dekao tries to use the Rush Synchro Chip to Cross Fuse, but it fails! Meijin then contacts Meiru, telling her to try the chip instead. Determined to help Netto, Meiru agrees and slots in the chip. It's a miraculous change as Meiru successfully completes the Cross Fusion! Together with Netto, they defeat Videoman and Narcy once again.

Ryouko's Note: FINALLY. Meiru gets Cross Fusion for REAL. Yays!

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