The Safecracking Man

Japanese Air Date: 4-23-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Rat, Asteroid Drillman, Jackass
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Enzan)

System intrusion incidents are occuring all over Ameroupe. Enzan and Blues go after the criminal Rat, a net-offender who was just discharged from jail, and is now causing trouble with Asteroid Drillman. Enzan begins an investigation of the intrusion method used by Rat, and finds out there was a person by the name of Jackass who damaged bank systems by the same means. However, this was 20 years before the dawn of the major network society.

Enzan visits the net-jail to seek this person who could be connected to Rat, and is shocked to find out that a Navi named Colonel was responsible for capturing the criminal. The fact that the incident was from 20 years ago is puzzling, since they have met Colonel previously in their present time.

Enzan teams up with Raoul once again, and together they lay a trap for Rat. Once caught and backed into a corner, Rat attempts to use Drillman to defeat his pursuers. Enzan is forced to use Cross Fusion and battle the Asteroid navi in the real world. After a grueling battle, Enzan is finally victorious, and Rat is thrown into prison once again. However, Rat's true goal was already accomplished! All over the world, locks become unlocked as a special program spreads through the night sky. Back in Japan, Netto's desk drawer pops open, where he had accidently locked his PET inside. What was the true meaning of Rat's purpose?

Ryouko's Note: This is our first hint that Colonel is much more important than he appears to be.

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