Threat of the Asteroid

Japanese Air Date: 10-16-04
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Inukai Takeo, Asteroid Beastman
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto & Enzan)

Netto has been chosen to perform for a commercial of Safari Park, which IPC manages at the request of Enzan. When Netto and Enzan arrive at the film shoot, they meet the staff worker Inukai Takeo. Netto gets upset when Inukai treats the farm animals roughly, forcing Enzan to stop the film production.

That night, a navi comes to Inukai and identifies herself as Slur. She gives Inukai "Asteroid Beastman" and leaves mysteriously. Inukai manipulates the farm animals to attack the city, and when Netto and Enzan rush to stop the incident, a substantiated Beastman appears and pounces on the two!

Inukai uses the "Dimensional Chip", given to him by Slur as well, to bring Beastman to the real world without the aid of a Dimensional Area. Together, Enzan and Netto use the power of the new PET 3's to perform Cross Fusion and stop the rampaging Beastman!

Ryouko's Note: It's kind of interesting to see an operator of one of the original Dark Loids making an appearance. O_o In fact, alomost all of the missing operators will be showing up. It should be noted that with the new PET 3's, Netto and Enzan's Cross Fusion styles get a cool new makeover. :)

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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