Space-Time Battle

Japanese Air Date: 5-14-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Barrel
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Enzan)

Although Blues is injured from the battle with Shademan, Rockman manages to jump into the space tunnel to chase after them. He soon arrives in the world of 20 years ago! Unfortunately because of the time difference, Rockman can no longer communicate with Netto, and becomes lost in the cyberworld.

By chance, Rockman runs into Colonel and his present time operator, Barrel. Rockman informs them about Shademan's plan, and so they resolve to help him save the future. They eventually track Shademan down, and face to battle with him. However, the situation suddenly goes horribly wrong when the bitemarks on Rockman's neck react, and his soul turns evil! Colonel now must fight against not only Shademan, but Rockman as well.

Deperate to save his navi, Netto begs his father to help him install the vaccine chip. Enzan uses Cross Fusion to clear a path through the army of Darkloids in present time so that Netto may gain direct access to link up with Rockman once again. Meanwhile, Shademan has infused all of his data on a rocket, that will spread the Darkloids upon the Earth.

Barely fending off the Dark Soul Rockman, Colonel manages to keep him at bay. Netto is able to scarecely hit Rockman with the vaccine, just as Shademan takes a final hit and is deleted. However, the rocket has launched! Rockman leaps aboard, and resolves to destroy it, even if it means his own self sacrifice. Charging his buster, Rockman lets loose a blast so powerful that the rocket explodes in the sky.

Rockman plunges deep into a sea of data, and he half-conciously witnesses his own dark soul being seperated from his body. An orb of light with a laugh that eerily sounds like Dr. Regal, a reflection of Rockman's dark soul smiles back at him then dissappears. Rockman reawakens to find himself back in his PET in the present time.

Ryouko's Note: Mmn, evil Rockman. Much fun indeed.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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