Wishing Upon a Star...

Japanese Air Date: 5-28-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto)

Jasmine has come to Japan again! Although Jasmine is delighted to see that the panda Tampa has become well at Animal Farm, she has come to take care of an injured dolphin, who was injured by a scheme led by Inukai Takeo of the Neo WWW.

The dolphin is being used as a tool for the means of dark chip smuggling. Although Netto and Jasmine obtain cooperation from Dekao and Maha in order to cease the plot, Inukai counterattacks with Beastman and his pet lion Umanosuke!

Determined to save the dolphin, Netto uses Cross Fusion and battles Beastman in the real world. After a hard fight, Netto and Rockman previal victorious. Afterwards, Jasmine receives the Crest of Duo.

Ryouko's Note: Yet another Netto and Jasmine episode. Don't we have enough of these yet?

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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