Queen Fight!

Japanese Air Date: 6-4-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto)

Netto is pulled along by Meiru to the Akihara Convention Center, where an event is being held for the "exhibition of commonly used celebrity goods from around the world." Meiru wants to appear in the event's Ms. Tiara Contest, but she's not the only one! Gauss Magnets arrives, decked out in a gown, wig and fake...well you can guess.

Futhermore, there are entries by Iroaya Madoi and Shuuko, who hope to win the prize, and Manabe as well, who comes to guard the hall due to a troubling feeling. Tesla too wishes to win the golden tiara, and enters the contest in disguise. However, Charlie, who happens to be at the event, figures out her real identity.

Tesla wins the contest, and attempts to run off with the tiara, but Charlie tries to stop her. All out chaos ensues! Sunayama intervenes as he attacks the convention center with his navi Desertman, forcing Netto to fight back. After the whole ordeal is settled, Mariko-sensei ends up winning instead, and both Charlie and Tesla receive the Crests of Duo.

Ryouko's Note: This sounds like a very interesting episode. XD It's nice to see some of the original World 3 characters coming back again!

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