One More Rockman

Japanese Air Date: 6-11-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Dark Rockman, Dark Miyabi, Swallowman, Blizzardman, Cosmoman, Cloudman
Style Change: n/a

Rockman has a nightmare where he attempts to delete his friends by his very own hands. Netto becomes worried, so he takes Rockman to the science labs to be examined. Meiru and company also come to the science labs, but for a different reason. Roll, Iceman, Aquaman and Numberman were attacked by someone the night before, and were heavily damaged.

Netto is relieved when Rockman appears to have no abnormalities from the examination, but subsequently he starts noticing suspicious actions from Rockman. "For Netto's sake," Rockman says, as he commits wrong acts that land him in trouble. Rockman's bad deeds escalate, and finally he is arrested by the police.

While being held a prisoner, Rockman tearfully begs Netto to delete him before he becomes worse. Netto becomes upset, but then notices a small change in Rockman that he had not noticed before. Suddenly confused, Netto tells the Rockman before him that he's not real!

Indeed, the navi in the prison is not Rockman at all, but Dark Rockman! His real other half is being attacked deep in the undernet by a new hoard of Darkloids: Swallowman, Cosmoman, Blizzardman and Cloudman. Netto reunites with his real navi, and they decide to attack Dark Rockman head on. The two navis fire off identical attacks, and the battle is a draw. Dark Rockman and his followers then dissappear.

Ryouko's Note: This is by far my favourite episode of Stream. Netto and "Rockman's" scene in the prison will certaintly bring tears to your eyes.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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