Fortune Telling Shooting Star of Love

Japanese Air Date: 6-25-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Andou Romeda, Asteroid Starman
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Meiru & Netto)

Rockman and Medi's closeness is causing a bit of unrest in Roll. From Meiru's perspective, it appears Jasmine and Netto are merely only friends so she doesn't mind. However, Roll insists that they follow Netto and Rockman everywhere no matter what, to make sure they do not become too close to Jasmine and Medi.

Anetta arrives, suggesting to Meiru that she check into a recent trendy activity, fortune telling, and so they go to see the fortune teller Andou Romeda. However, Asteroid Starman is connected to Romeda, who is prided with her love for fortune telling. Romeda wants to startle the world with an incredible prediction, so Starman proposes a gallant meteor shower. Romeda agrees, until she realizes he means to cause absolute destruction!

By chance, Meiru is present during the incident, and uses Cross Fusion so she can stop Starman's plan. When the battle begins to go bad, Netto steps in just in time to save her! Together they manage to defeat Starman, and the meteors stop their decent.

After the battle, Meiru realizes that she and Netto are bonded by their shared ability to use Cross Fusion. Because of this realization, Meiru too can now see Duo's comet in the sky. She is also branded by the Crest of Duo.

Ryouko's Note: Staaaaaaaarmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :DDD

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