Worker Miyabi

Japanese Air Date: 7-30-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Asteroid Swordman
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto, Dingo, Dark Miyabi)

Dark Miyabi is working secretly to carry out a request for Rockman's destruction. However, Yuriko appears before Miyabi and intends to prevent him from doing so. Unintentionally, Miyabi encounters Netto when he drops by the Maha Ichiban Dash. Although Miyabi declares he will carry out Rockman's deletion due to his worker's pride, Miyabi is revealed to be a Crest of Duo ally when Netto comes in contact with him.

At about that time, bank robberies have been occuring frequently in town, and the criminals are men in the same trade as Miyabi. While Miyabi watches the close match between a substantialized Asteroid Swordman and CF Rockman and Tomahawkman, Wily appears before him. Dark Miyabi can walk a new path, if he accepts Wily's offer of his very own synchro chip.

Unable to watch the boys be defeated, Dark Miyabi accepts the chip and enters the battle. Setting sword against sword, Miyabi prevails to be the victor in the duel, and Swordman is deleted. Afterwards, Netto offers his gratitude for Miyabi's help. However, the ninja swears that he still has no allies - he will simply make his own decisions from now on.

Ryouko's Note: Dark Miyabi is such a badass. XD I luff him.

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