Why Are You Here?

Japanese Air Date: 8-27-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto, Yuriko, Tesla, & Charlie)

One day after finishing work, Charlie comes into his room to find Tesla there. Tesla insists that she wants revenge against Dark Rockman! At that time, Yuriko answers a mysterious call from Dark Rockman. He offers to explain exactly who or what she is, but she replies that she has no interest. However, it is revealed that Dark Rockman will attack her twin sister Mariko if she does not comply, so she heads to the demolished site of an uninhabited factory.

Yuriko appears as asked, but she refuses to let her hand be scanned. Rightfully angry, Dark Rockman and Cosmoman appear in the real world to attack by force! Although Yuriko uses Cross Fusion with Needleman and fights back, the two on one lineup makes it a painful battle. In the end, Dr. Regal appears digitally by surprise, and grabs Yuriko, absorbing the data of her Crest.

Netto, Tesla and Charlie intervene, but are too late to stop Regal. After a short conversation, it is revealed that he is the one responsible for giving Dark Rockman life! With that closing statement, Dr. Regal dissappears as an orb of light once again. Netto, Tesla and Charlie are forced to use Cross Fusion and battle against Dark Rockman and Cosmoman.

Eventually Cosmoman is deleted, and Dark Rockman must retreat. Afterwards, Dr. Wily appears, and explains that Dr. Regal is in need of the Crest's data so he may gain access to the power of Duo's comet. Netto observes that Barrel also holds a Crest, but since he is dead, it is impossible to gain his data. However, Wily points out that because Regal worked with him in the past, he had contact with Barrel as well, and gained the information during that time.

Ryouko's Note: This is really interesting. Dark Rockman is fun to watch in battle. :D

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