Battle of One Without Bonds

Japanese Air Date: 9-10-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: n/a

The location of Duo's comet is established 30 years in the past, so Netto and Rockman head to the space-time tower in Ameroupe. It appears the comet has crash landed into the ground! After they arrive, Dr. Regal appears and hijacks the space-time tower. Regal's goal in doing this is obtaining Duo's technology and power.

Dark Rockman is sent to the past to allow Regal access to Duo's comet directly. Rockman, Blues and Searchman join forces with Colonel, and fly back to the cyberworld of the past in order to stop him. During this time, Rockman has been feeling odd sensations that link him to the mind and emotions of Dark Rockman. It would seem that his evil counterpart strives to become the ultimate net navi - the most powerful there ever was. Dark Rockman claims that he has no need of bonds, such as Netto and Rockman's friendship.

Despite all of their efforts, Dark Rockman succeeds in activating Duo's power. While basking in his glory, a stabbing pain bursts through his chest - Slur has drove a sword through him from behind! Determined to not die without a purpose, Dark Rockman grabs hold of Slur, and decides to self destruct himself. Before doing so, he oddly bids Rockman to leave, and return home to "Netto-kun". Despite his feelings of regret, Rockman does so, along with Searchman, Blues and Colonel.

Admist the flames, Rockman screams in rage as his own body explodes. During their journey through the past tunnel, bright shards of light collect themselves around Rockman. It would seem the spirit of Dark Rockman wishes to rejoin with what it once came from originally. Rockman welcomes the bits of soul back to him, and together they return home to the future.

Ryouko's Note: This is another favourite episode of mine. We finally learn that Dark Rockman has a yearning for the companionship of Netto, much like what Rockman experiences.

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