Flying the Skies; Flirty Rascal!

Japanese Air Date: 10-30-04
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Charlie Airstar, Gyroman, Suyanama Noboru, Asteroid Desertman
Style Change: Blues Soul, Search Soul, Cross Fusion (Netto & Enzan)

Sunayama Noboru, director of DNN Studios, is filming Mariko-sensei to be on TV. Just as they finish, a helicopter lands and a handsome blonde man steps out. The man immediately introduces himself to Mariko-sensei as Charlie Airstar, the famous pilot.

Meanwhile, Netto and Enzan are presented with a new Net Savior case: someone has been stealing valuable items from museums all over Japan. While investigating, Netto keeps finding Charlie in the same locations as the recent thefts. Could he be the criminal?

Netto receives a communication from Enzan, stating that the clues to the criminal have been found. Netto and Rockman run to the tracked location, where they find Charlie's navi Gyroman being attacked by Asteroid Desertman! What's even more shocking, is that Desertman's operator is none other than Sunayama!

They soon realize that Sunayama has been stealing parts of Dr. Wily's personal collection. Netto is reminded of the only man who was entirely obsessed with Wily. But a new chairman has taken over Gauss' business....and it's not Gauss Magnets.

Ryouko's Note: Apparantly Charlie is a huge flirt with the girls, which somehow doesn't come as too much of a surprise. Gyroman is cool though. n.n;

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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