Colonel Barrel

Japanese Air Date: 9-17-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto, Enzan, Laika, Meiru, Charlie, Tesla, Jasmine, Nenji, Dingo, Dark Miyabi, Yuriko, & Barrel)

Duo's comet commences the Earth Erasure program! In order to stop it, Duo's 13 crests need to be gathered. However, since Barrel has already died, their recovery is impossible. Netto and Enzan visit the apartment where Barrel used to live, to see if there is anything that can help in obtaining Barrel's crest. While there, they meet up with Dr. Wily, who hands Barrel's old PET over to them. He says it is the key to saving their future.

For the sake of the Earth, Barrel will be sent to the present time. Dr. Wily of the past helps Barrel by the use of the Spectrum program, which can transmit human flesh as data. In the future, Yuuichirou uses Barrel's old PET as a beacon, so Wily will know where to send the data. As soon as all the pawns are in place, the experiment begins!

During this time, another raid of Asteroid navis begins. Netto and the others go outside the facility in order to protect it, vowing that they must buy enough time for Barrel to reach them. Indeed, though the process is difficult, Barrel arrives in the present time! Dr. Wily is waiting for him, and hands him a synchro chip. Barrel then enters the battle as the final Cross Fusion member; the team is now complete!

Ryouko's Note: Barrel in Cross Fusion is sexay. Woo!

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