Toward a New Future

Japanese Air Date: 9-24-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto, Enzan, Laika, Meiru, Charlie, Tesla, Jasmine, Nenji, Dingo, Dark Miyabi, Yuriko, & Barrel)

Forte has returned from the depths of the Undernet, and confronts Slur for revenge! Indeed, Slur finds herself outmatched by the improved Forte, who has now absorbed the remaining power of Nebula Grey. In the final stroke, Forte ultimately defeats Slur, deleting her with his own bare hands.

Dr. Regal appears in the cyberworld of Duo's comet, and uses the data of the 13 crests to take control. Becoming completely infused by its power, Regal attacks them in the present world! Netto and his friends use Cross Fusion to fight back, but the battle begins to go ill for them.

Watching all of them unawares, Duo makes the judgement that the future of human beings is hopeless and cuts Dr. Regal off from his power source completely. However, during his retreat, Regal grabs hold of Meiru and takes her with him! Leaving them no choice, Netto and the others jump into the space tunnel, following Regal back into the recesses of Duo's comet. The moment they leave their world, Duo carries out his judgement, and the Earth is destroyed.

Netto finds Meiru unharmed in the cyberworld of the comet, but Regal was not so lucky, as they spot his skeleton. The Cross Fusion members attempt to attack the form of Duo before them, but they are easily defeated. Duo then seperates the navis from the humans, cancelling out their Cross Fusion. Duo faces Rockman and his Net Navi companions, and tries to urge them to cast off their relation to mankind which chooses the path of downfall.

However, the navis will do no such thing. They still believe in humans, their friends, who would do anything for them so long as to protect them. Duo doesn't understand such feelings, and decides that they will die like all of the others.

Just then, the humans stand back to their feet as well, and defensively place themselves in front of their lifesized navis. Netto refuses to let Rockman be harmed, no matter the situation. Again, Duo does not understand. Barrel realizes this is so, and decides to try another tactic. It is understood that Duo's civilization also used a technique simular to Cross Fusion - and so Barrel offers himself to fuse completely with Duo. The overlarge being becomes very interested, as it could offer a way for him to understand these unusual "humans" and their navis.

Despite Netto's cries and protests, Barrel assures him that he and Colonel will be fine. "I'm the immortal Barrel!", he says, as he bids goodbye to his teammates. Together, Barrel and Colonel are absorbed into Duo, and a bright light envolopes all of the others. They soon find themselves back on Earth, which has been completely restored. Off in space, Duo's comet speeds away as a streak of light.

After a short reunion with Yuuichirou and Meijin, they receive a transmission - it's Barrel! Or at least, a much older version of him. It would seem he has enjoyed seeing many new galaxies and wonders during his travels with Duo. Again, he reassures Netto that he's fine, he's the immortal Barrel after all.

Ryouko's Note: FORTE!@#$%^ Where have you been?! This is the final episode of Stream. See you again in Rockman.exe Beast!

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