Revival! Neo WWW

Japanese Air Date: 11-27-04
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Tesla Magnets
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto)

President Gauss' daughter Tesla announces the establishment of the crime organization Neo World Three. She declares the outset of this activity is to rescue her father Gauss, who is currently serving a prison sentence. Gauss' Magnetman has also been imprisoned, much to the poor navi's dismay.

Inukai, Sunayama and Saiko have all become Tesla's suboridnates. Together, they form a prison attack plan from both the cyberworld and real world using their Asteroid Navis. Netto and Rockman are appointed to the task of watching over the prison as they anticipate the attack.

Sure enough, Beastman and Inukai attack Rockman from the cyberworld. However, Sunayama and Desertman attack the prison in the real world as well! Netto finds it difficult to stop Sunayama while Beastman is still in his way. During the confusion, Saiko and Flashman break Magnetman out of the cyber prison. Tesla's real objective becomes clear!

The Neo WWW's first plan is a complete success. Tesla becomes the new operator of Magnetman (who happily accepts), while Gauss becomes their personal maid.

Ryouko's Note: .....I wonder who the mother is. O.o;

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