Battle Story #1

Artists: Keijima Jun & Asada Miho
Publication: Shogakukan
ISBN: ISBN4-09-149508-7
Where to Buy: Anime Nation, eBay

Characters Included: Netto, Rockman, Mariko-sensei, Meiru, Roll, Dekao, Gutsman, Enzan, Blues, Yaito, Glyde, Haruka Hikari, Shadowman, Numberman, Madoi, Coloredman, Mahajarama, Magicman, Elec Hakushaku, Elecman, Arashi, Hinoken, Fireman, Dr. Wily

Basic Storyline: There's not much continuity to the storyline, basically it's introducing all of the major characters. The World 3 members each take a crack at causing mayhem around the city in various ways, and each time are defeated by Netto and Rockman. Netto also meets Enzan for the first time, while Rockman and Blues become aquainted with each other. It should also be noted that Numberman is evil in this manga, and a member of the World 3. Shadowman is also included, but he seems to be an ally of Rockman's.

One of the more interesting scenes in this manga is towards the end, when a chip is placed on Enzan to make him evil. He and Netto duke it out, until Netto figures out what's controlling Enzan. Evil Enzan = fun >:D

Ryouko's Comments: The art style of this manga is more cutesy than the other Rockman.exe manga. The storyline also moves much much faster, and the chapters are shorter. There are 3 times less volumes of Battle Story released compared to the other EXE manga, so perhaps they just had to condense it moreso.

Unfortunately this manga is very hard to find, I've only seen it for sale on eBay. The mangas do however come with free stickers for your GBA, so they're definately worth the buy! ^_^

(( - Samples from Battle Story #1 - ))

If you have the chance, I highly reccommend these mangas for any Rockman.exe fan!
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