Rockman.exe #2

Artists: Takamisaki Ryo
Publication: Shogakukan
ISBN: ISBN4-09-142872-X
Where to Buy: Anime Nation, eBay

Characters Included: Rockman, Netto, Enzan, Blues, Meiru, Roll, Dekao, Gutsman, Yaito, Glyde, Higure, Numberman, Masa-san, Sharkman, Miyuki, Stoneman, Dr. Wily, Elec Hakushaku, Yuuichirou Hikari, Haruka Hikari, Dream Virus, Shadowman

Basic Storyline: Volume 1 had ended with Enzan arriving at the jail that Netto was being held in, and this is where volume 2 picks up. After the crisis passes, Netto flashes off his "Official Net Battler" card.

The next day, Enzan lures Netto to an abandoned warehouse for a personal net battle. It's Blues vs. Rockman for the first time! Rockman is quickly outmatched by Blues' speed, and loses the battle when he takes a nasty sword-swipe to his side. Netto suffers the same injury, and collapses. Enzan leaves him behind, hiding a simular injury on his shoulder that Rockman had somehow landed on Blues.

Later on, things go awry when Yaito is trapped inside her house, which is filling up with gas! Rockman, Roll and Gutsman plug-in to fix the servers, only to find that Glyde has turned evil. He immediatly takes Roll hostage, causing a dillemma. Blues eventually comes in and solves the problem, since everyone else refuses to fight against their friend Glyde.

Afterwards, Enzan informs Netto that his father, Yuuichirou Hikari, has been kidnapped by the World 3. The two boys immediatly leave to go investigate. When Netto finds his father, Wily and Elec Hakushaku are there with him! Wily then unleashes a monster of a virus, the Dream Virus! Both Rockman and Blues struggle against the virus, until Rockman decides to sacrifice his life by destroying the virus head on.

The following day, Netto is greatly depressed after losing Rockman. Enzan finally smacks some sense into him, and convinces him to go see his father at the Science Labs. Yuuichirou then explains that Netto and Rockman share a bond when in battle, because they go into 100% Synchronization. Because of that strong bond, Netto's feelings for Rockman may be able to bring him back. He then offers to plug Netto's body into the net, so he may search for Rockman's data and revive him. Netto decides to go, while Numberman and Blues offer to aid him while in the net world.

As soon as they find Rockman, who is asleep in a capsule, Shadowman appears to stop them! Eventually Netto finds his way to Rockman, and a happy reunion occurs. Shadowman is interested in the fact the Netto was able to ressurect Rockman's dying data. He then leaves them be, thinking he would like to battle them for real one day.

Ryouko's Comments: Wahoo, Enzan! Blues and Enzan remain main characters to the story from here on out. Rockman and Netto's character relationship was also given a lot more depth to it when Rockman was deleted by the Dream Virus. Such a great volume, this was!

(( - Samples from Rockman.exe #2 - ))

If you have the chance, I highly reccommend these mangas for any Rockman.exe fan!
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