Rockman.exe #4

Artists: Takamisaki Ryo
Publication: Shogakukan
ISBN: ISBN4-09-142874-6
Where to Buy: Anime Nation, eBay

Characters Included: Rockman, Netto, Enzan, Blues, Meiru, Roll, Dekao, Gutsman, Yaito, Glyde, Pharoahman, Mariko-sensei, Arashi, Airman, Saito, Shun-chan, Shuryou, Daisuke, Quickman, Gauss, Magnetman, Freezeman, Princess Pride, Knightman, Cutman, Gospel

Basic Storyline: Volume 3 ended with Rockman struggling for his life against 4 very strong clones. As Rockman gets pummled further and further into the ground, he recalls his memories with Netto. Their friendship proves to Pharoahman that they are worthy of the ultimate power. Thus, Rockman and Netto's spirits fully merge into one being (which in turn leaves Netto's body unconscious), and Saito is born!

Rockman's nature completely changes as he transforms into Saito, and he becomes engrosed with the immense amount of power. He completely loses control of his mind, which causes him to unleash every inch of strength he has. Saito immediatly slaughters all 4 of the copy Rockmans, and ends up deleting Pharoahman in the process as well.

The next day, Enzan challanges Netto to a friendly Net Battle. However as usual, trouble intervenes when Airman crashes in! Rockman ends up pinned under Airman's gigantic foot, and Netto's PET becomes crushed when the ceiling caves in. When both situations cause navi and operator to go into a panic, Enzan and Blues become stunned when Rockman suddenly turns into Saito! After destroying Airman, Saito turns on Blues next. The red navi barely manages to escape when Shun-chan (Sean from BN2) pops in and activates a barrier around Blues with his laptop. This then allows Enzan to plug his navi out.

Shun and Enzan's relationship is very particular in the manga, as Enzan is seen picking on Shun many times, which is usually quite hilarious. ^_^; After Blues is saved, Saito leaves the server and goes on a rampage. Netto is also rushed to the hospital, as he is left unconcious. Enzan becomes determined to stop Saito, so he plugs Blues back into the net to find him. Almost immediatly they come face to face, and a battle ensues. When Blues gets close enough to Saito, he reminds him of his friends and his good times with Netto. These memories reawaken Rockman's spirit, and he changes out of Saito. (side note: Rockman and Blues' reunion is -hilarious-! As they both go to merrily glomp each other, Blues starts beating the crap out of Rockman instead. XD)

Afterwards, everything is peaceful again. Since Netto's PET was crushed in the Airman incident, so he receives the new EXE 3 PET (from the first anime) as a replacement. Gauss Magnets has invited everyone to enjoy a trip on an expensive cruise liner! However no sooner do they get out to sea, when the air turns to freezing, and everyone begins to be trapped in ice!

Enzan is the first to investigate, and Blues finds himself facing all of the Gospel navis on his own. Soon enough however, Rockman joins his side, and they quickly win the battle. Before they can celebrate, Gospel himself arrives! As a battle begins, parts of the cruise ship start exploding due to damage being inflicted on the boat's servers.

When Rockman once again finds himself pinned, this time under Gospel's massive claws, he has no choice but to turn Saito. Saito manages to shake off Gospel, temporarily putting a stop to him. When Blues tries to calm down Saito, he once again finds himself in danger. However instead of plugging out, Blues takes a nasty hit to his entire torso, and reminds Saito about his friends. These words bring Rockman back to his senses, just in time to see the massive damage he infliced upon Blues, who is then forced to log out.

Meanwhile, Enzan has finally tracked down the source of all the problems on the boat: Shuryou! However surprise is on their side, when Shuryou turns out to be Shun-chan in disguise!

Ryouko's Comments: The manga took a very interesting twist in bringing in Saito. Instead of taking the game's idea in which Rockman was really Netto's deceased twin brother Saito, they made it into a 100% synchronization style change. With as kickass as Saito is in the manga, I didn't mind the alteration too much!

(( - Samples from Rockman.exe #4 - ))

If you have the chance, I highly reccommend these mangas for any Rockman.exe fan!
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