Rockman.exe #6

Artists: Takamisaki Ryo
Publication: Shogakukan
ISBN: ISBN4-09-142876-2
Where to Buy: Anime Nation, eBay

Characters Included: Rockman, Netto, Enzan, Blues, Meiru, Roll, Dekao, Gutsman, Yaito, Glyde, Haruka Hikari, Meijin Eguchi, Punk, Hinoken, Flameman, Aragoma Torakichi, Kingman, Shun, Rei Saiko, Flashman, Desertman, Raoul, Thunderman, Takeo Inukai, Beastman, Darkman, Drillman, Plantman, Forte, Serenade

Basic Storyline: After Kingman saves Rockman from Flameman, he makes quick work of defeating the firey navi on his own. Aragoma flaunts his victory, while Netto becomes upset that he lost. When he returns home, he eventually cries himself to sleep.

During the night, Enzan and Blues are battling a hoard of viruses while training. Suddenly, a gigantic blast erupts in the net in front of them! The two are surprised to see the form of Serenade before them.

In the morning, Netto wakes up in a much cherrier mood. When he looks for Rockman in his PET, he finds him not there! When he looks behind him, he notices a very sleepy Rockman waking up in his bed! As the two boys rush downstairs, they find Aragoma and Kingman helping Netto's mother in the kitchen.

When sudden eruptions begin to break out in houses, they find Flashman and his operator Rei up to no good. Kingman is defeated, however Saito-Rockman manages to win against him. When Rei tries to escape, Meijin and Punk are there to capture him!

After things have settled, everyone gazes at a city that is now filled with both navis and humans. When a childish hand suddenly pulls on Rockman's face, everyone is surprised to see a cheerful Shun-chan! Apparantly he has been forgiven for his wrongdoings, and has given up his life as Shuryou. He reveals that the entire city is trapped in a "Dimensional Area" type of field, that is allowing navis to appear in the real world.

Suddenly out of no where, Desertman appears! Meijin and Pink take him on, only to be absorbed into his massive amount of sand. Not only that, but Rockman is attacked by surprise from behind. Enzan and Blues reveal themselves! As Rockman fears another attack from Blues, Enzan and his navi instead completely merge 100%, transforming into a powerful Muramasa Style! Sporting an upgraded look, Blues easily lays waste to Desertman with his new hand-held sword.

Afterwards, both Meijin and Punk remain in a critical state. Enzan reveals that the source of Blues' new power is the ultimate navi Serenade. Blues' desire to be as powerful as Rockman led her to him. Blues now carries a powerful sword as his main weapon. As the enterouge is standing on the beach, Raoul and Thunderman come to join them. Netto picks on Enzan for his rude behaviour, while Blues and Enzan pick on an annoying Shun-chan (hilarious!)

From on top of a cliff, Beastman and his operator Takeo leap down and attack! Everyone is unable to stop his rampage, until once again Blues and Enzan merge and go Muramasa Style, defeating him. Afterwards, Blues and Enzan take off on their own.

The next chapter, Serenade presents herself to everyone! Rockman and Netto try to attack her, only to be flung back easily. A torrent of wind then begins attacking the city, crashing down buildings! Dekao, Gutsman, Meiru, Roll, Yaito, Glyde, Aragoma and Kingman are seen among the crowd running for safety.

Meanwhile, Rockman fires a charged shot at Serenade, but it doesn't even touch her. Serenade raises a barrier around her, which Rockman somehow manages to break through when he goes Saito. He then fires another shot, only to have it deflected back at him, boring a hle through his chest. Serenade revels in her power, revealing that she even defeated Forte. Refusing to give up, Saito attempts to surprise attack her from behind, but is again tossed to the ground, resulting in severe damage. This eventually causes Rockman's Saito power to turn into a type of Bug Style.

Meijin, who is still in a camatose state in the hospital, is visited telepathically by Serenade. Meanwhile, Muramasa style Blues finds himself in trouble as he's faced by Darkman, Drillman and Plantman. Drillman catches Blues by surprise, and nearly rips him to shreds. As Darkman goes in for the kill, Saito jumps out in front and takes the hit! Saito's bravery gives Blues new strength, as he grips his sword to fight again. Saito joins his side, as he helps Blues hold his masamune sword. Together, they manage to defeat all 3 evil navis.

After Darkman, Drillman and Plantman are deleted, Rockman's Bug Style dissappears! Not only that, but Proto (Alpha) has appeared behind them!

Ryouko's Comments: Raghr, ninja style Blues! The coolest style change by far. >:D If only we could see THIS in the anime. But alas, the manga is good enough. >:3 Also, as a side note, I did refer to Sereande as a woman in this summary. Do not e-mail me, arguing Serenade as a male, as there has been no definate confirmation either way. I personally believe Serenade to be male, but it's easier to refer to it as a female in the manga. >:3

(( - Samples from Rockman.exe #6 - ))

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