Rockman.exe #7 Artists: Takamisaki Ryo
Publication: Shogakukan
ISBN: ISBN4-09-142877-0
Where to Buy: Anime Nation, eBay

Characters Included: Rockman, Netto, Enzan, Blues, Meiru, Roll, Dekao, Gutsman, Yaito, Glyde, Aragoma, Kingman, Yuuichirou Hikari, Meijin Eguchi, Serenade, Forte, GS Forte, Shun, Proto, Darkman, Laserman, DS Rockman

Basic Storyline: Rockman and Blues find themselves facing the gigantic form of Proto. They get ready to fight, but then something bursts free from the light inside of Proto. It's Forte! Forte quickly deletes what's left of Darkman, then destroys the remains of Proto.

The resulting explosion of Proto's deletion causes havoc in the real world, and both Rockman and Blues barely manage to escape the blast. However, Blues took great damage while protecting Rockman, having most of his middle blown away. Being too damaged to fight any longer, Blues bestows upon Rockman the rest of his power.

In the sky, an airfighter jet is trailing Forte, who is soaring ahead of him. The jet attempts to annhilate the navi with a missile attack, but Forte easily blocks, then destroys the plane itself as he strikes the cockpit directly. Forte grins as he watches the firey debris plummet towards the Earth, then prepares his new ultimate attack to devastate the world: Gospel's head!

Forte charges his assault, but is suddenly interrupted when Rockman flies out of nowhere, and cleanly slices off his right arm. Even though Gospel is no longer attached to Forte, it can still attack on his own! Rockman is caught by surprise as Gospel hits him from behind. Thankfully, Rockman quickly recovers, and uses the combined strength of Blues' spirit to destroy the head once and for all.

Yuuichirou watches the scene between Rockman and Forte, holding the new Advanced PET in his hands. An intense fight breaks out between the two, and Forte eventually gains the upper hand, sending Rockman falling towards the ground at a high speed. Blues suddenly reappears and tries to save him: but another navi does so instead. Serenade!

Forte, gleeful at the appearance of his rival Serenade, reveals Gospel once again attached to his arm! The gigantic beast begins to charge with energy as he takes aim. Forte finally lets loose his assault, and Serenade does all he can to stop it. Unfortunately, Serenade quickly finds his body torn to shreds by the immense power.

As the dust clears, Rockman and Blues become horrified to see a slowly dying Serenade caught in the jaws of Gospel. Blues becomes immensly angered, because Serenade had given him the gift of power to match Rockman. He tries to go in to save him, but Rockman quickly pushes him out of the way as another blast from Gospel passes them by. From the ground, Blues watches sadly as Serenade is finally deleted completely.

Rockman and Blues stare down Forte, more angered than ever. Both navis dive in to attack, their operators by their sides in spirit (it should be noted that from the very beginning, Netto/Rockman and Enzan/Blues are in Full Synchro with each other, in other words, merged).

The two of them try to take down Forte, but neither has very much success in even getting close to him. On the ground, Aragoma, Kingman, Dekao, Gutsman, Roll and Meiru watch the fight occuring up above in the sky. Glyde is holding an injured Yaito in his arms, while Meiru and Roll begin to pray for their friend's safety.

Blues and Rockman keep up their relentless assault, until they finally combine their attacks, and land a direct hit on Forte. Finding himself seeking for more power, Forte summons a gigantic dragon to finish them once and for all. Both Blues and Rockman watch as the dragon releases an immense energy blast straight from its own mouth, aimed directly for them.

The mighty blast fades away, and Forte becomes sure that he's won. When the dust clears, only Rockman is left to be seen. However, he's changed! Enter the power of the Soul Unisons: Blues Soul!

Once again, their battle begins anew. Rockman starts things off with a bang as he slices Forte with the almighty "Sonic Boom!", an ability granted by Blues. The attack turns out to be devastating, destroying almost anything directly in its path. Before Forte can even react, Rockman uses his enhanced speed to attack him yet again, this time up close and personal.

After being pummeled down, Forte emerges from the debris, his entire body showing signs of damage, and blood streaming down his face. Forte re-enters the fight with a vengeance, using his full power to crush Rockman into the dirt. Forte finally gets a strangle hold on Rockman, and prepares to delete him.

Rockman struggles against him, and remembers all of his friends and those who have given up their lives to protect others. With renewed energy, Rockman fights back, and lands yet another devastating blow against Forte. The black navi reels back in pain, his eyes wide in disbelief.

Forte falls onto the roof of a tall building, and slowly gets back to his feet. Rockman becomes horrified when he realizes that Forte has landed right beside Blues, who's body and mind is unconcious! Without even saying a word, Forte approaches the sleeping Blues, and gets ready to destroy him.

Surprisingly, while Forte charges his attack, he slowly rises away from Blues. Rockman becomes relieved when he realizes that Forte won't stoop so low as to killing someone who cannot fight back. And so, the battle between Rockman and Forte will continue unhindered. Rockman activates a sword on his right arm, while Forte prepares a dose of not one, but TWO Gospel heads: one for each arm!

Forte unleashes his awesome power, and Rockman meets it head on, full of determination. Blues Soul Rockman counterattacks with a wave of power from his blade, which slices right through Forte's blast, and connects with the navi himself. Forte gives a small grin as he plummets towards the Earth, then crashes into the ground with a mighty force.

Rockman also lands on the ground (though much more safely), and he thanks Blues for his power as he reverts out of the Soul Unison. With the battle over, Rockman and Netto split back into navi and human, falling out of Full Synchro.

With his soul given back to him, Blues glows with a very bright light. Blues and Enzan also split out of Full Synchro, and they reawaken unharmed. Netto and Rockman happily watch the rising sun, and suddenly become aware of their friends joining them!

Enzan and Blues watch from a ledge above as Meiru gives Netto her usual greeting: beating him senseless with her fists. Meiru becomes embarrassed when she sees what she did to the poor boy, stating she was only upset because he worried her so much.

Just when you think things are all peachy again, things just have to end up going wrong again. Proving this just so, Forte emerges once again from the rubble! His cloak tattered and his body beaten, Forte still refuses to admit that he has lost.

Before anyone else can approah him, Rockman holds his friends back, and advances towards Forte alone. Netto stands behind, understanding what Rockman must do, but Meiru has to hold back Roll who is trying to go after him.

Rockman walks up to Forte, but instead of wanting to continue their fight, he simply holds out his hand. Offering him a chance of starting over, it's Rockman's usual gentle nature that his friends so well know. Forte remains silent for a few moments, then snaps opens his eyes, and screams Rockman's name as he pushes him away!

Rockman is thrown back onto the ground, just as a bright light erupts from the sky, and crashes down upon Forte! The ensueing blast throws everyone else to the ground as well. Forte re-emerges once again, looking even more worse for wear, his helmet itself is almost half blown away. Forte, having sensed the attack before it hit, saved Rockman's life just in time. Apparantly no one but him should be allowed to kill his rival.

Refusing to be stopped, Forte picks himself up again, and tells Rockman to live. Just after so, someone from behind suddenly drives their hand right through his stomach! Forte finally collapses to the ground face first, revealing two newcomers standing behind him.

Despite everything Forte had done, Rockman becomes angered that someone would attack his rival like that. And so, Rockman dives in for revenge, only to have his attack blocked easily when one of the new navis grabs hold of his fist.

Rockman becomes alarmed when he sees the one who attacked Forte much more clearly now: it's himself!'s not. It's a Dark Soul version of himself! Accompanied by none other than Laserman.

Not yet ready to fight, Laserman and DS Rockman turn their backs, and dissappear with Forte, who is unconcious. Rockman and Netto are absolutely stunned, unable to believe what just happened. Who is this navi who looks like Rockman?!

Ryouko's Comments: much Forte! Poor Serenade though. n.n; By far I love Forte's manga version more than either his game or manga counterparts. He's just so....evil.

(( - Samples from Rockman.exe #7 - ))

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