Rockman.exe: Forte (Backstory)

Artists: Ryo Takamisaki
Publication: Shogakukan
ISBN: none
Where to Buy: This was a free mini manga included with the January 2003 issue of CoroCoro, and is also included in the EXE Manga #6.

Characters Included: Forte, Dr. Cossack, Yuuichirou Hikari, Tadashi Hikari

Basic Storyline: This manga explains Forte's life before he turned into the rabid evil Navi bent on revenge against the entire human race that we all know and love today. As most now know after playing EXE/BN 3, Forte.exe was created by Dr. Cossack. However Forte was kept in confinement in the Science Labs, because he was far too powerful to be set free, due to his "Get Ability" program. Forte was not originally evil, in fact he worked with the scientists quite peacefully as they conducted their experiments with his fighting abilities.

However, much to Cossack's dismay, the other scientists decided that Forte would be better off "dead". After one last conversation between Forte and Cossack, the server in which Forte is being held suddenly crumbles apart and a hoard of navis appear to delete poor Forte. Forte manages to hold off on his own against them for awhile, until the leader of the pack manages to land a very painful slash across the symbol on his chest.

While writhing in agony from the pain in his chest, Forte basically "snaps". He breaks the confinements that were restricting his powers, and he uses his "Get Ability" program to copy the lead Navi's attack, and use it against him, resulting in deletion. After the onslought, Forte is left on his own. He lets the ragged scar remain on his chest, to remind him of the betrayal from the humans he had trusted. Thereafter, he dons his mysterious cloak, and dissappears into the depths of the net.

Ryouko's Comments: This was a mini manga included with the January issue of the monthly Japanese magazine, Coro Coro. In this magazine, the EXE manga is published chapter by chapter every month. Later on in the year, the mini-story was included at the end of EXE Manga #6. ^_^ I was very happy that the artist decided to make a separate mini manga just for Forte, so we could see into his sad past. This gave his character a lot of depth for his later appearances in the regular EXE manga. It's also quite strange to see Forte without his cloak and sans purple streaks under his eyes. ^_^;

(( - Samples from Forte: Backstory - ))

If you have the chance, I highly reccommend these mangas for any Rockman.exe fan!
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