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Us After This
Chapter 2
~by Shimegami-chan

A/N: Please excuse any minor mistakes and the clashing between the EXE anime and Battle Network. :) I finished the game today; which makes writing this infinitely easier. Yatta!


Roll paced nervously around Dr. Hikari's computer systems, wondering when the programmer would come back. Rockman had fallen silent long ago; his systems completely frozen, not moving an inch. Even Gutsman looked forlorn as he crouched by Rockman's side.

Nearby, Emdee was monitoring the virus' progress as best he could. "I certainly hope Hikari-san finishes at the hospital soon. I fear my barriers won't last much longer."

"What else is there to be done?" Roll asked slowly. She didn't quite understand what the doctor was trying to do, only that he'd save Rockman. And Netto.

"He's creating a transfer program," Emdee explained. "It extracts Rockman's data out of his Navi program, and transfers it to another source. However, since a Navi is a complicated program--and this Navi the most complicated of all--the data would have to be stored in a compressed file. Hikari-san needs a vessel to hold the data after it is extracted, since it will no longer be compressed."

Roll looked at the transfer program, a little drone in a ball shape floating back and forth, and questioned, "Why not just keep it in his PET?"

"He could. Once tranferring the data to the PET, however, a new program would need to be created to hold it--a Navi needs its personality, physical attributes, mental capabilities, and strength directly linked to its program. That would take time. In case there is an emergency, the transfer program can be used to transfer Rockman's data to the PET. However, although the basic functions of the code have been input, the transfer program is not quite completed, due to constant interruptions."

"But...he'll be saved?"

"Yes. We're is trying to create a replacement file to--a moment, please, Roll-chan. Yes, Hikari-san?"

Dr. Hikari's face was troubled on the screen above them. "Emdee, Netto's had a computer implanted in his body to regulate his breathing and heartbeat. I want you to go in and speak to the Navis in the computer and gather as much information as possible. I'm plugging you into Netto's monitors now."

"Yes, I'll do so." Emdee looked at Roll and Gutsman. "Keep an eye on him. If anything changes--anything--tell Hikari-san."

Roll nodded as the other Navi transferred himself out of the PET. She then moved to Rockman's side and picked up his gloved hand, lying limp. "Rockman..."

Gutsman looked mildly jealous, but even he was subdued by the dire nature of the situation. "Gutsu..."

Rockman let out a little rasping noise, barely noticible.

Roll froze. "What did he just...?" She leaned closer until Rockman's lips nearly touched her cheek, but he did not make a sound.

"Tell the doctor, de gutsu," Gutsman pronounced with surprising finality.

Roll directed her voice toward the sky. "Hikari-san! Hikari-san!"

No answer came, which scared Roll a little. Gutsman tried. "Hikari-san, de gutsu!"

Roll detected an open connection--they were still plugged into Netto's computer systems. So where was the doctor? He wouldn't have strayed far from his PET, she knew, knowing what important things it contained. "Go get Emdee," Roll told Gutsman, kneeling by Rockman's side.

"Right, de--" He stood, but as he moved Rockman's green eyes flew open and he loosed a scream. Gutsman jumped back.

Roll held the blue-clad Navi's hand tightly. "Hang on, hang on. We're going to get help."

"The virus," Rockman gasped, clutching her with all his strength. "It's gotten through the confinement--it's corrupting my systems!"

Roll leaned back in shock, tilting her face to the screen above. "Hikari-san! Emdee! Meiru-chan!"

Rockman's green eyes were hazy with pain. Gutsman lumbered over to the spherical program and guided it to Rockman's side. "Transfer."

"To what?" Roll asked, horrified. They couldn't transfer Rockman without the doctor or his Navi! "Gutsman--" But before she could come up with an argument, the first visible signs of the virus began to show. Data began to pour off of Rockman's jumpsuited body in streams, as though he were melting. His lower limbs began to turn black and fizzle away.

"He's--? Oh God! Transfer him!" she screamed, leaping towards the drone. Obeidiently the drone extended a clump of wires from his circular body and touched his hand.

On the Navi's other side, Roll clutched his hand, and Rockman turned his head to face her. "Roll...if this is good-bye..."

"No, no, Rockman!" She forced back tears. "It's not!"

He smiled weakly. "Well then...thank you...and tell Netto-kun that I'm sorry..."


Before he could reply his body went slack and his eyes dead. "Transfer complete," the drone sang.

Roll and Gutsman were silent, watching in mesmerized horror as Rockman's program was destroyed by the virus. Roll was in tears; and, as the last scrap of blue data sunk into the floor, Gutsman dropped to his knees and touched the ground where the other Navi had lay. There was nothing left.

Both Navis inspected the drone hestitantly. Gutsman knocked on its metal shell. "Gutsu...?" No answer came. "Take to Emdee," Gutsman said with finality. "Make sure Rockman is inside."

"I...I guess..." Roll said hesitantly. "He'll know what to do...and Hikari-san's PET is plugged into the computer where he is..."

Gutsman nodded and picked up the drone, which had retracted into its spherical shape. The two then left the area and transferred themselves to where they would hopefully find the missing Navi doctor.


The system was full of medical-type Navis: monitoring heartbeat, breathing, brainwaves, hunger levels, circulatory information, and more. "It looks like Netto is in good hands now," Roll breathed.

"Rockman must be alive," Gutsman proclaimed, holding out the metal sphere for her to see. "Netto is alive, so Rockman is alive."

"You're right." Relief flooded through her. "Let's find Emdee, then, and see what we should do with the drone."

"Roll-chan!" It seemed Emdee had found them first. "I said not to leave him! What are you doing here?"

Roll was unable to answer, still trying not to cry. Gutsman pointed at the sphere. "Virus came out, so we put Rockman in there."

"In the program!" Emdee looked troubled. "It was incomplete. Hikari-san!"

"He's not here," Roll choked out. "All of Rockman's data was flowing away, so we started the program."

"I understand," Emdee said, inspecting the drone. "However, this wasn't designed to do more than transfer data, especially such complex data as a Navi. It is best that we contact Hikari-san and find someplace in which to store the data until his program has been re-created."

Suddenly the area in which they stood became abuzz with Navis. Many were running from station to station, others plugging in and out of the main computer system. Roll looked around in horror. "What's happening? Is Netto dying?"

Emdee opened his mouth to speak and logged out before her eyes. A nanosecond later Gutsman was also whisked away; and before she could say a word she was back in Dr. Hikari's PET.

The drone, spinning lazily on its axis, settled gently to the floor where Gutsman had dropped it and went into standby mode. Sensing no other Navis nearby, the programs' autopilot directed it to the nearest outlet where it could proceed with its basic programming:

Harness the data

Transfer the data

Preserve the data

Extending a clump of wires, the drone complied.


The sudden activity brought a half dozen doctors--Dr. Hikari among them, who had been in another room inspecting Netto's medical history--to Netto's room. Dr. Hikari's personal PET lay on the bed; Roll's voice calling from its speakers. The bed was empty.

The patient, sheets tangled around his legs, was fumbling to plug his own PET connector into the nearest jack, and barely succeeded as the doctors entered the room. "Netto!" his father cried.

The child, however, was staring brokenly at the terminal's screen, which was blank. He cast a dead-eyed glance at Dr. Hikari. "Papa...he's gone..."


"Something's happened to Rock! I can't feel him anymore!"

Transfer complete.

Gasping, Netto's eyes rolled back and he collapsed.

~to be continued....