Barrel of Beyondard

Netto finds himself separated from his friends when they accidently get pulled into the parallel world of Beyondard. As he and Rockman wander through a desert, they quickly become entangled in the middle of a virus stampede. In the world of Beyondard, viruses and navis alike have the ability to materialize in the real world environment.

Just before Netto is trampled, a mysterious man plucks him off the ground and reaches a safer spot in the field. The man takes out a few of the viruses single handedly, then materializes an all too familiar navi into the real world - Colonel! Using teamwork, this Beyondard pair of Barrel and Colonel clear a safe path out, then lead Netto out of the virus mess.

Once they're safe and sound, Netto finally confides into Barrel his dire circumstances. His missing friends, Falzer and Greiga invading his home world, the Zoanoroids... everything. Barrel reveals that he is a part of an underground resistance group, determined to stop the war that has engulfed Beyondard thanks to the Beast invasion after a Dimensional Area experiment failed. Netto and Rockman resolve themselves to help Barrel and any others as long as they are in Beyondard.

The Beyondard version of Barrel is not much unlike his original counterpart in Netto's world. Like him, Beyondard's Barrel is also of Colonel rank, though he no longer has an official army to serve.

Uwua, it's Barrel again! He's just as serious as ever, no matter which world he's in.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.