Kojirou of Beyondard

This spunky little kid is watched over by Phakchi and many other caring villagers. Netto and Rockman come upon them one day after he becomes lost in the world of Beyondard. Kojirou automatically becomes jealous as Phakchi takes Netto under her wing.

Somehow Kojirou has found the touch pen that belonged to Iris PET. This special pen glows with a brilliant light, making it a perfect beacon to catch fish out on their boat. However, this "light" is actually Trill, who has been trapped inside the pen! Trill's power entices an unwelcome enemy, more specifically Zoan Whaleman.

Determined to show up Netto, Kojirou goes out upon the boat alone one night. Unfortunately, Z Whaleman attacks the ship, and its left up to Netto to use Cross Fusion in order to save him (Rockman alone cannot reach such a far distance). Kojirou becomes touched by Netto's determination to save him, even when Cross Fusion is harmful to the boy's body in Beyondard's odd environment. Afterward Zoan Whaleman is dealt with, Trill is returned to Rockman and Netto, safe and sound.

This kid sticks around for awhile, of course always by Phakchi's side.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.