Kurogane Kunio of Beyondard

All aboard! Kurogane is your prime example of a dedicated train conductor, who will do absolutely everything in his power to make sure his schedule goes uninterrupted. So when Zoan Junkman decides to try and sabotage his entire train system, Kurogane wastes no time in taking up arms. Thankfully, Meiru and Enzan arrive just as the assault begins, so they lend him their aid.

Kurogane operates the gigantic and friendly navi Chargeman, who befits his passion for the locomotive quite well. Together they make a dependable team, and they trust each other with their lives. Chargeman is able to fend off Zoan Junkman without any help at all, and Kurogane goes with him when they have to dispose of a bomb left behind in their city of railroads. Kurogane and Chargeman manage to survive the eventual detonation, but Zoan Junkman did not fare so lucky - meaning their city is safe from threats once again.

Kurogane is a man whom his entire railroad team respects, he's a very honorable man who works hard!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.