Ms. Millionare of Beyondard

If there was ever a woman that commanded attention by her mere presence, it would be Ms. Millionaire. Her Beyondard counterpart is vastly different from the original, especially in the way she regards her friends and everyone around her.

No longer scheming to use others to her own advantage, Millionaire is striving to realize a new dream. Two halves of a city in Beyondard have been divided by an incredibly dense mass of rock. Millionaire has destroyed a countless amount of drills in an attempt to complete a tunnel, which will reunite the two halves.

Just as Enzan and Meiru are passing by, they meet up with Press and Dotarou, who drill holes for a living. Millionaire commissions the pair to help her complete the tunnel, which they happily devote themselves to. After much effort, sweat and blood has been spent, Millionaire's dream is finally realized!

Millionare's character takes a total 180 degree turn in attitude, compared to her original!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.