Phakchi of Beyondard

Phakchi was once an extraordinary cook aboard a beautiful luxury cruise ship. Then one day, a Zoanoroid attacked, and abolished the ship to the bottom of the sea, killing everyone on it. Everyone but Phakchi, that is. She somehow washes ashore unharmed, and is found by a small and caring village. This peaceful place is now where she spends her days.

Phakchi and her loyal navi Slashman now deliver their renowned cooking talents to the village they call home. A young boy in particular named Kojirou holds an affectionate attachment to Phakchi. In return, she watches over him as a big sister would.

Kojirou and his friends find Netto half starved just outside their village. Phakchi helps renourish the poor boy, and they soon become welcome friends. During Netto's stay, Kojirou is attacked by Zoan Whaleman while out on his little fishing ship. Phakchi recognizes Z Whaleman as the same Zoanoroid who destroyed her ship and murdered her friends. Enraged, she wastes no time in defeating Z Whaleman with Slashman, finally avenging those lost souls, and putting her own at ease at last.

Phakchi is a very strong woman, who doesn't let anything stand in her way!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.