Press of Beyondard

Press works with his partner Dotarou in digging holes for a living. Most often they're looking for onsens hidden in the ground, which Press' navi Dustman can easily sense through the dirt. It's then left up to Dotarou's navi Groundman to do the digging. Thanks to Beyondard's special environment, these two can use their navis in the real world. With Dustman as Press' personal navi, the two make a perfect team.

Ms. Millionaire hires Dotarou and Press to help her finish drilling a difficult tunnel. Even when the drilling proves to be near impossible and failure looms ahead, these two refuse to give up. Ms. Millionaire still feels all is lost, but Dotarou and Press claim they will prevail - not for the money, but for their own pride! In the end, the tunnel is successfully completed, and the two drillers leave quite satisfied for a job well done.

Press' visual look reminds me a lot of Charlie. O_o;
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.