Fuuten Roushi of Beyondard

Laika and Dingo come across this curious old man while on a journey through Beyondard. There is a story floating throughout the world of a man who can listen to the wind unlike anyone else. It just so happens that the old man is in fact Fuuten Roushi, and he tells the two boys he will lead them to Netto by going where the wind tells him to.

Roushi also happens to be an old man who enjoys the simple pleasures in life, while playing a trick or two along the way. He leads Laika and Dingo to a small onsen resort by the name of Amita, where they experience wonderful new foods and a relaxing hot spring. At the end of each visit however, Roushi conveniently disappears and leaves the two boys with the bill.

Laika and Dingo run afoul with the evil Narcy Hide and Videoman, and soon fall into a dangerous situation. When all looks bleak, Roushi arrives by surprise, and releases his powerful navi Tenguman. Laika and Dingo are astounded as the old man and his navi quickly send Narcy and Videoman back wherever they came from.

When the resort is saved from Narcy's wrath, the people living there suddenly realize they have been saved by the legendary man Fuuten Roushi, and his navi Tenguman. With renewed trust, Laika and Dingo follow Roushi one last time. At the end of this path, the two are finally reunited with Netto, just as Roushi initially promised! However when they turn around to thank him, they again realize he has disappeared. The winds have carried him off to an all new adventure!

Roushi is an interesting little guy, and quite entertaining! His laugh is very peculiar.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.