Tadashi Hikari of Beyondard


Netto is more than a little surprised to learn that a parallel version of his own grandfather was in charge of the Dimensional Area Laboratory in Beyondard. Sadly, the Beyondard version of Dr. Wily caused the failure of a Dimensional Area Experiment, which resulted in the catastrophic change in their environment. The laboratory was nearly completely destroyed, and later abandoned. The Tadashi Hikari that Netto and the others meet is simply an electronical version left behind in the system's computers.

Thankfully, Tadashi fills the humans from Earth in on what exactly is happening in Beyondard. He also explains the truth behind Iris, who turns out to be merely data formed into a special copyroid. However, Iris is a very unique kind of data - she is compiled from the emotional data extracted from Colonel. Thus, Colonel and Iris are essentially brother and sister, since they are one and the same. Tadashi formed Iris to not only keep Colonel's data safe until it is ever needed again after the war, but also to watch over the Synchronizer - Trill. It is revealed that the birth of Trill in the laboratory is the human's only hope to stopping this war between Greiga and Falzer once and for all.

Tadashi Hikari was certaintly a surprise - looks like we'll be seeing a Beyondard Wily as well!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.