Charlie Airster

Charlie is the kind of character that we all like to call a "womanizer". If there's a female in the room, you can bet your battle chips that Charlie will be swooning her right off her feet.

Romeo antics aside, Charlie isn't really that bad of a guy. In fact, he's pretty sweet and goes out of his way to help people. He's also a world famous pilot, and owns his own helicopter. He operates the skilled navi called Gyroman, who also has the ability to transform himself into a helicoptor.

Charlie tends to run into Netto quite often when there's trouble brewing somewhere. In the cases of Sunayama and Narcy's first crime attempts, both Netto and Charlie became directly involved. Oddly enough, Charlie also becomes intertwined with the head of the Neo World 3, Tesla Magnets. Honestly, I don't see how he can put up with a woman like her. :P

Charlie likes to speak other languages, such as english and french, quite often. XD It's really hilarious.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.