Iriya is a friend of Laika's, who also hails from the snowy country of Sharo. Their friendship is put to the test when they have a reunion in Netto's country of Japan, during a fencing tournament.

It seems Iriya wilted towards the dark side between their last meeting, as he became targeted by Slur, and was granted Asteroid Yamatoman. During each fencing match, Yamatoman steals ancient samurai swords from Japan's museums. Laika figures out his scheme before Netto, and confronts Iriya directly by the ways of a fencing match, just like old times. After Laika loses, Iriya continues his path of theivery, much to his old friend's dismay.

Thankfully, Iriya comes back to his senses when he realizes that his actions have put Laika into danger. While battling Yamatoman in Cross Fusion, Laika becomes severely battered by his much more powerful opponent. Iriya commands Yamatoman to stop, and even though the Asteroid navi ignores his commands, Laika sees that his friend isn't as evil as he seemed. Together with Netto's help, they finally defeat Yamatoman, and all is forgiven.

Iriya's kind of a weak character, and a total stuck-up. I don't like him much, even if he IS friends with Laika. :P
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.