Makoto Aoni

Makoto is a rather intriguing character, in the sense that she has a past relation to one of our key characters. We learn that Makoto is in the middle of developing a new technology known as Copyroids. These "puppets" can be inhabited by navis, which transform into the navis themselves - allowing them entry into the real world!

Makoto is running into a few snags however, so she visits the Science Labs to find an old friend of hers - Meijin Eguchi. Well, not exactly a "friend", but actually her ex-boyfriend! Everyone in the Science Labs is astounded by this surprising discovery. Despite their breakup, Makoto and Meijin remain good friends to each other.

With Meijin's help, Makoto finally successfully completes the Copyroid's programming. Unfortunately, the Zoanoroids realize their potential all too quickly, and intervene with the research. Back at her own lab, Zoan Punk takes over the test Copyroid, and kidnaps Makoto!

Zoan Punk forces Makoto to make a multitude amount of Copyroids, which are transported to an unknown location. Eventually Meijin and Netto track down Zoan Punk and Makoto, who had been hiding. Netto takes care of Zoan Punk, while Meijin rescues his poor Makoto. Even though Zoan Punk is ultimately defeated, his purpose was carried out. From here on out, the Copyroids will remain a key strategy for the Zoanoroid armies.

As time progresses, Meijin and Makoto become close again. So cute!
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.