Mariko-sensei (Ms. Mari)

In Japanese "sensei" roughly translates to "teacher". Just like so, Mariko is Netto, Meiru, Dekao, Yaito, and Tohru's class teacher. She appears in episodes from time to time, but the main reason I included her in with the other main characters is because Masa and Higure are both trying to win this poor woman's affections. ^_^;

Apparently Mariko was Masa's teacher some time ago, and for Higure, she turned him around to a life of good instead of evil. Unfortunately for the both of them, she's in love with Commander Beef, who is Masa-san's super hero alter-ego. For the sake of keeping his secret identity, he can't reveal himself to her.

Mariko becomes rather important during the Axess series, since we learn she has a twin sister named Yuriko. Mariko and Yuriko were seperated 15 years ago by a devastating incident, which led them along very different paths. While Mariko became a loving school teacher, Yuriko was absorbed into the dark syndicate of Nebula.

Mariko-sensei is very supportive of her student's net battling, when it does not interfere with schoolwork. ^_^
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.