Dark Miyabi

Dark Miyabi is a person who has been "talked" about since the very beginning of EXE, but has never been named or seen. His net navi Shadowman has played key roles all along, as he is hired as an assassin by multiple groups. Miyabi is a ninja who works for money, taking upon any task as long as there's a good reward in the end.

This all changes when Shadowman becomes deleted in the middle of Axess, by Searchman's hands. Later on in Stream, Dr. Wily confronts Miyabi, and offers to restore Shadowman back to him. Miyabi also suddenly finds himself entertwined in the latest war to save the Earth, when he is marked by the Crest of Duo. This crest signifys him as a new ally to Netto Hikari, a person he had previously fought against many of times.

Even though Miyabi seems like a tough kind of guy, he does have a good heart. His first real episode introduced him trying to kill Netto by the request of his latest payee, but he fails over and over again. Eventually, when Netto falls into -real- danger, he finds himself coming to his aid instead. Dr. Wily also grants him a new synchro chip, giving Miyabi the power of Cross Fusion. Thus, Miyabi and Netto are finally brought together, and become forever linked by these events.

I absolutely -love- Dark Miyabi! He's the one of the coolest characters I've seen in awhile.
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.