Asteroid Napalmman

Napalmman is officially the first Asteroid navi we see turn against his evil instincts; and choose a different path for himself. Originally Napalmman was given to a criminal named Domon by Slur, but during a run-in with the Net Police, Napalmman became damaged and was forced to flee. Unfortunately, Domon's PET also got run over by a car, so Napalmman had to find somewhere else to hide.

Thus a very uncanny event occurred, as Napalmman found himself in the hands of a kind man named Nenji, who restored him back to health. Although Nenji suspected who Napalmman truly was, he never ratted him out, and in fact became good friends with him as they shared a passion for fireworks. In the end, Domon was sent to jail, and Napalmman was permanantly bestowed upon Nenji. The two don't quite get along, but it's that conflict of fiery personalities that make them such a perfect match.

I never thought it possible to be a fangirl to Napalmman. Guess I was wrong. XD
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.