Netto Hikari (Lan Hikari)

Netto and Rockman are both the main characters of this series, and are always found together. Rockman is Netto's personal Net-Navi for his "PET", given to him by his father Yuuichirou Hikari, who is a scientist. Netto tends to brush aside schoolwork so he can devote his time to netbattling his friend Dekao for fun, or fighting against Netcrimes with Rockman (though Rockman constantly reminds him as to how important his homework is. ;)

Netto's best friends are Dekao, Meiru and Yaito, and is often spending his time with them. His main rival is Enzan, who is the operator of the powerful Blues. As each series progresses, we see Netto begin to mature bit by bit. However, he's still a little rash in battle by running into danger without much thinking first, and food is ALWAYS first on his priority list.

As time goes on, Netto gains countless of new friends, and even Enzan comes around to respect him to a degree. Once Axess begins, both Netto and Enzan become Net Saviors, officially labeling them as protectors of the peace for the sake of all cyberspace.

The ability of Cross Fusion is also introduced, which allows Netto or Enzan to fuse with their navis in the real world and physically battle. The two learn to work together after some difficulties, and they're eventually also joined by a Net Savior from Sharo, by the name of Laika. All together, these three make a tough team!

Did you notice that the symbol on Netto's bandana is the same as the symbol on Rockman's chest? ^_^
This character description was made for episodes that I have seen so far. It may be updated as more episodes become available.